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Purchase Notice
  • The information and guidance within this package and instructions for use is important for the safe operation and maintenance of your drone. Please keep it safe for future reference.
  • You accept sole responsibility for any injury, loss or damage that result from your operation of the device.
  • Always follow the instructions when assembling or operating the drone. Always keep at least
  • feet between the user or viewers and the model to avoid risk of injury. Pay attention to the device at all times while in flight.
  • Neither Holy Stone nor any distributors or agents accept any responsibility for loss, injury or damage caused by incorrect operation of the drone.
  • Please ensure assembly instructions are followed correctly to ensure proper operation and performance of your drone.
  • This product contains small parts. To avoid any choking hazard, please keep this drone and all its components out of the reach of children.
  • You must not, under any circumstances, fly this drone over open water or near any public road which will increase the risks of accidents.
  • Keep all packaging materials away from children and dispose them safely.
  • The internals of the drone are not user serviceable, please do not attempt to dissemble this drone or replace any part of the drone, In order to avoid malfunctions during flight.
  • Don’t use or charge the battery if it shows signs of swelling, punctures, or is damaged in any way.
  • Don’t charge the battery directly after use, allow it to cool down in an open and dry area to insure overheating does not occur.
  • When charging, please stay the battery away from furniture, carpet or anything flammable.
  • Don’t charge the batteries overload (below 5A/2A). Make sure to remove the batteries from the charger after charging is complete, never overcharge the battery.